Remember your training!

Have you got a couple apocalypse bases in mind if it all goes down? Do you find yourself armchair quarterbacking The Walking Dead? Maybe have a few (hundred) hours of survival gaming logged on Steam?

An apocalypse may never come. But if it does, we survival gamers and fans of the genre know exactly how to handle it. We’ve been training for this moment our whole lives!

OK, not really, but if the scenario fascinates you, why not take it a step further?

Homesteading for Heathens

This site is for those of us who daydream about producing our own food and having a healthier relationship with the environment. ┬áIt’s for those of us who love apocalyptic books, video games, and film. It’s to entertain the part of you that’s just tired of the rat race and secretly wishes it would all go away, but at the same time doesn’t want to let go of that morning Starbucks.

Above all, this site is welcoming to anyone who’s interested. Whether you’re an atheist, a gamer, a scientist, or something else, I want to talk survival with you. I respect everyone’s beliefs, but the world doesn’t need another religious homesteading blog.


I’ve been a fan of the apocalyptic genre, and a survivalist, since I was a teenager. For better or for worse, I’ve decided to cross a line. The goal: to move to a homestead-friendly property in the next 18 months… and be READY FOR IT.

I’m interested in learning to do this stuff for real. Maybe I’ll get the property that allows a huge garden, a smoker, chickens… and start living the dream. Maybe I won’t. But I think even homesteading on a small scale is good for people, and good for the environment. I think everyone should be self-sufficient on some level.

Self-sufficiency and frugality go hand in hand. I’m in marketing and social media, and kind of burned out on of both. I know the digital world too well. I’ve seen behind the curtain on how we’re engineered to want things that keep us in the retail system. I’m fighting that on a personal level, trying to save up for a homestead and a more secure future. Maybe my struggles will help with your own frugality efforts.

So that’s it in a nutshell. I don’t know where this journey’s going, but this blog aims to appeal to gamers and digital natives that love the idea of homesteading, but aren’t sure if there’s any way to fit that into real life. There is, guys. THERE IS!




We can’t help you. Can’t NOBODY help you… but if you really want to join our survival team, social and email links are in the footer.